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The Baltic Ambassador Programme has been supported since its start by the expertise in economic intelligence provided by the Horizon Development team to identify quality destinations and tour operators active on those markets. Baltic Ambassador can claim to have the best contact list of tour operators working with the Nordic and Baltic region, a list that is updated every two months. Since 2008, Baltic Ambassador Programme is officially supported by tourism boards and by a number of incoming tour operators in the region. It is indirectly funded by the European Union Regional Development Fund. 

In 2012, the Baltic Ambassador Programme is maintained its core expertise with Estonia and the Baltic States, but was extended to other countries in the Baltic Sea Region, such as Sweden and Finland. Baltic Ambassador is also joining with Horizon Development Markets to the launch of Market Tour, the new market intelligence tool for the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. 

Every year, the most successful of those destinations among travel professionals compete for the  "Best of Baltic" Award. The award is given by the 100+ travel professionals of the Baltic Ambassador network that each vote to recognize those tourism destinations that set a example of excellence, client dedication and innovation in the tourism industry of the Baltic Sea region. 

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