For Travel Destination Managers

The destination's perspective and benefits: 

Quality tourism destinations do not always have the budget, the time or the capacity to promote themselves well and everywhere. They must concentrate on clients in their core markets (e.g.: Estonia, Finland and Russia for Estonian destinations, Finland, Sweden and Russia for Finnish destinations, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland for Swedish destinations). They often lack time and resource to reach other markets, even if they know that those other markets are the ones that will make a difference for them tomorrow...

If they qualify as “quality and innovative destinations”,  Baltic Ambassador gives those destinations a full jump start on those additional markets.  

In addition, most actions associated with marketing a tourism destination (advertising, participating to trade fairs, visiting themselves travel professionals and operators) are financially prohibitive to small destinations and in a majority of cases are uncertain or difficult to evaluate in terms of impact on sales. Some of the best destinations in countries like Finland, Estonia or Sweden are often also the most humble ones financially. Those destinations have no way to access the world of promotion if not via their tourism boards actions (see chart in pdf format attached at the bottom of this page).

Baltic Ambassador was therefore created as a cost-effective cooperative tool (tourism boards and participating destinations together share the costs) that would connect the destinations to the buyers (travel professionals such as tour operators, MICE operators, boutique travel companies, corporate travel, cruise ships, etc.) and do the best possible "match-making" between the profile of the destination and the expectations of the travel specialist. Because of this "match-making" system and of our strict standards of quality we clearly refuse to work with tourism destinations that do not meet our standards of quality. 

The country or region's perspective and benefits: 

The best way to promote a country today is to promote its best destinations and the unique things that will make a travel experience memorable. A region or a country cannot control factors such as weather, but they can push for a higher quality standard to be applied to their destinations. That is the indirect impact of Baltic Ambassador: One happy client makes 4 future clients. If the level of client satisfaction is kept high because high quality destinations are given the priority, the overall country or region benefits from it. 

How Does it Work?

Every year, the most successful of those destinations among travel professionals compete for the  "Best of Baltic" Award. The award is given by the 100+ travel professionals of the Baltic Ambassador network that each vote to recognize those tourism destinations that set a example of excellence, client dedication and innovation in the tourism industry of the Baltic Sea region.