Baltic Ambassador Markets and Missions

Country                                                Mission Focus
Sweden                                                MICE
Norway                                                 MICE / Leisure
Denmark                                               MICE
Germany / Austria / Switzerland              Leisure / MICE
UK                                                        Leisure (high-end only) / MICE
France / Belgium / Switzerland                Leisure / citybreaks
Italy                                                      Leisure / citybreaks
Spain                                                    Leisure
Netherlands / Belgium                            MICE

Exceptional unscheduled missions: USA, China

The fundamentals that design the mechanics behind the Baltic Ambassador Programme are simple: A match-making action where together the destinations, the country and the travel professionals win a better product and an increase in client satisfaction.

How Does it Work?

Every year, the most successful of those destinations among travel professionals compete for the  "Best of Baltic" Award. The award is given by the 100+ travel professionals of the Baltic Ambassador network that each vote to recognize those tourism destinations that set a example of excellence, client dedication and innovation in the tourism industry of the Baltic Sea region.