Did you know? (AKA how well do you know the Baltic Sea Region?)

  • The countries in Europe with the highest GDP growth in 2012 Q1 (latest data) are the three Baltic States: Latvia (6.9%),  Estonia (3.9%), Lithuania (3.9%). In 2011, the countries in Europe with the highest GDP growth were already the three Baltic States, tightly followed by Poland.
  • Estonia is the home of Skype Technologies.
  • Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway rank #7, 8, 10 and 11 worldwide in the number of patent per capita.
  • Finland and Estonia score among the top 5  elementary and secondary school systems worldwide.
  • Finland and Sweden rank #1 and #2 in the number of communication technology patents per capita worldwide.
  • Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Estonia rank # 6,7, 14,15, 24 in business efficiency worldwide (ref: US ranks #1, UK ranks #20, France ranks #28)
  • Estonia has a 0% corporate income tax and the fastest administrative procedure to start a new company in Europe today.
  • 92% of the companies operating in the Baltic States have less than 10 employees and one of the highest production cost-effectiveness ratio in Europe today. It is simply becoming more reliable and more flexible to produce today in the Baltic States.
  • Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway rank # 1, 3, 5, 6 in Growth of Competitiveness worldwide (ref: US is # 2, UK#10, Germany #13, France #27) (Data not available for Baltic States)
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