Sustaining innovation, growth and market conquests since 2002

Horizon Development is a professional advisory organization that is primarily committed to help entrepreneurs  to reach European and International market in an efficient and sustainable way, as well as to obtain the critical initial investments they need. In addition, Horizon Development is helping companies to better assess their market potential, to adjust their development strategy in light of better intelligence and technical innovations, to manage specific projects and to coach their leaders and train their people on various aspects. Horizon Development has had a particularly strong commitment to local and regional economic development and to the digitalization of society in the Baltic Sea Region and in Estonia in particular since the opening of its office there in 2005.

Horizon Development services are organized around a central team and a pool of field experts regrouped in various units with a specialized expertise and focus that often complement each other for the specific needs of our private and public clients in various sectors:

  • Horizon Development Markets: Economic intelligence, market intelligence, business intelligence, CRM, unconventional economic intelligence tactics, Go-to-market plans and plans implementation, sales force re-engineering, tactical sales coaching.
  • Horizon Development BalticsRegional economic development in the Baltic Sea Region: Macro-economic and investment research, management advisory, project management, public investments, transportation infrastructure development, tourism development, tourism management, tourism marketing strategy.

In addition, Horizon Development has developed specific "fast-track" programs for entrepreneurs and fast-growing enterprises, in order for them to reach their initial international market targets in the most cost-efficient and effective manner:
  • Market Reach: (All Sectors) Intensive 30 days Market research / Go-to-Market strategy & tactical plans tailored for small entrepreneurial companies with innovative products and international ambitions. Allows entrepreneurs to test the market and have a more accurate check in order to save time and money during the launch phase and in the years to follow launch. More info & request a free consultation: marketreach[at]
  • Tech Pass: (IT and Innovation intensive industries) Sample user market test of newly developed technologies (mostly IT related). Bridging product development with market realities before product launch, allowing for cost-saving measures, product modifications and sales channels adjustments. This step is often seen very favorably for tech companies seeking initial investments as a safeguard for initial investors. More info & request a free consultation:  techpass[at]
  • Baltic Ambassador Programme: (Tourism & Hospitality) Tourism marketing and advisory program serving international tour operators and Baltic Sea Region destinations since 2006. Annual "Best of Baltic" destination selection by tour operators working with the Baltic Sea Region (Scandinavia + Baltic States). More info: baltic.ambassador[at]


Horizon Development OU
Olevimägi 16, Tallinn, 10123, Estonia 


Olevimägi 16, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia