Horizon Development Markets is the market intelligence unit of Horizon Development. 

Originally created to quantitatively support the economic development plans developed by Horizon Development Baltics, Horizon Development Markets is today the unit responsible for investigating market opportunities, assessing competitive positions and testing new products in new markets. 

It's geographic expertise is focused, but not limited to the Nordic and Baltic countries. 

Our unit is specialized in:

  • Market intelligence & research
  • Customer profiling
  • Competitive analysis
  • Special investigations (markets, investments, management)
  • Business intelligence
  • New market opportunities identifications
  • Product introduction and product launch on new markets
  • Pricing algorithms
  • Customer mapping
  • Large surveys conduct and analysis
  • Mystery shoppers reports
  • CRM efficiency evaluations
  • Social media marketing support tactics 

Since 2006, Horizon Development Markets has played an important role in helping various companies to identify, select and contract their distributors / partners in selected countries (Baltic Sea Region, Norway, UK, France, Germany, Italy China, USA, Argentina, Bahrain, Russia, etc.). Also, the strong market intelligence expertise of Horizon Development Markets combined with tourism-specific expertise from Horizon Development Baltics and from the Baltic Ambassador Programme has led to the creation of specific and highly competitive tools for the tourism and hospitality industry such as MarketTour™.  

Horizon Development markets is commonly using various tools and tactics, some commonly used in traditional market investigations, some others more specifically coming from military tactical intelligence.