Tallinn Nutrition Study ENG


The Tallinn Nutrition study’s aim is to better understand Tallinn’s population food habits when it comes to bread and cereal derived fresh products (bread, baked goods, pastries, sandwiches, etc.). The study covers a random sample of 200 people with various profiles, either interviewed directly by the Horizon Development Market team or via the online platform.


In order to answer this survey you must:

    • Be a resident in the Harjumaa county
    • Consume regularly bread, bakeries or pastries
    • Able to answer this survey BEFORE MAY 9th, 2012, 13:00

Length of time to complete: 7 min

Rules: All required fields must be completed

Privacy Rules: Horizon Development guarantees that the information shared by participant will remain confidential for the sole purpose of the Tallinn Nutrition Study and that information from participants will not be shared with any organization outside the strict context of the Tallinn Nutrition Study. Participants that would like to be solicited to participate in further research or to be invited to specific food events have the option during the survey to precise their interest in such. Information about other participants will be destroyed once the survey is completed. All participants have the right to verify this action directly by contacting Horizon Development Markets.

Benefits to participants: For those participants that have signaled their interest during the survey, 20 of them that match an exact representation of the population of Tallinn will be selected for further discussion on the occasion of a trip Tallinn-Helsinki-Tallinn on Saturday May 19, 2012. All participants that have signaled their interest to be contacted again will be invited to a number of culinary events taking place in Tallinn during the year 2012.

On to Helsinki with Nordic Break!

Nordic Break (Facebook: "Nordic Break Nordic Experiences"), the premier selector of unique experiences in the Nordic countries, will be Horizon Development’s partner in organizing on May 19th a Tallinn-Helsinki-Tallinn cruise with Tallink with an on board focus group to discuss the results of the study and a free trial of various French bread, bakeries and pastries in Helsinki during our stop there. The free package include a round trip to Helsinki on Tallink, with dinner on board. This trip is reserved to 20 selected participants to the survey. Selected participants will be contacted by phone and email before May 13th, 2012.

Start the survey here!

Thank you, and we hope to see you on board on May 19th !