Baltic Ambassador: How does it work?

The Baltic Ambassador Programme has been the leading contact and marketing program between high quality destinations (hotels, resorts, restaurants, attractions, museums) in the Baltic Sea Region (Scandinavia + Baltic States) and the most demanding but active travel professionals (tour operators, travel advisory, MICE) throughout Europe. The program has been visiting over 100 European travel professional organizations in a total 9 countries every year since it started in 2006.

" Every group of traveler have different expectations and demands from a travel destination, as their country of origin, culture and travel habits are different from one group to another, and from one individual to another "

This particular "match making" work between travelers and destinations is most central to the marketing effort done by the Baltic Ambassador Programme.

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Prior to every Baltic Ambassador mission is a methodical evaluation of the quality of tourism destinations in the region and an estimate of which tour operators in which countries would most likely be interested in this particular destination. If there is no match foreseen between a travel destination and the expectations of tour operators in the Baltic Ambassador network (meaning the main tour operators), no mission will be proposed.

During the missions when visiting travel or MICE operators the objectives are:

(A) to help travel professionals to maximize their clients' satisfaction when sending them to our Baltic Sea Region

(B) to measure the knowledge and the interest of travel professionals about the selected tourism destinations presented during the mission

(C) to record the problems and opportunities that travel professionals are experiencing in our the Baltic Sea Region

(D) to push for more traffic to the best destinations in order to promote the country and the region (with priority to the participating destinations)

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The Best of Baltic Award

Every year, the most successful of those destinations among travel professionals compete for the "Best of Baltic" Award. The award is given by the 100+ travel professionals of the Baltic Ambassador network that each vote to recognize those tourism destinations that set a example of excellence, client dedication and innovation in the tourism industry of the Baltic Sea region.