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Travel professionals (tour operators, MICE operators, special travel boutiques, etc.) today don't send their clients just to visit a place or a country. They send them to bring back a memorable and unique high quality experience that will itself promote both the travel professional's services and the destinations where they traveled. No matter what the budget is, the experience must be positive.

The best way to provide a positive travel experience is to match expectations.

Individuals or groups would refrain from organizing their travel alone to some destinations that they don't know well enough. This is because those travelers don't want to have bad surprises. Those that take the risk to organize their travel alone know that they can run into unexpected dissatisfaction about the destinations they chose. Those that choose the services of a travel professional expect no bad surprises.

In order to avoid those bad surprises, either the destination must do its best to match an expectations set forth or a travel professional must adjust client expectations to the reality of the destination. But often travel professionals lack the objective information that allow them to adjust and plan better travel for their clients. This is precisely where Baltic Ambassador comes in.

Baltic and Nordic countries are today simply and unfortunately not on the priority list of most tour operators (except Norway) in countries like Germany, France, China or the USA. Most travel professionals sending visitors to these countries therefore do not have the time nor the resource to sort out what is best and was is less interesting for their clients there. They are most often left with no other options but to blindly trust their incoming partners, which is not always without risks. History has shown that trusting entirely an incoming partner can bring variable results due essentially to the local economic logic that biased full objectivity.

Baltic Ambassador fills-in this gap in information and brings totally objective expert opinions on the various destinations.

Since 2006, this system has worked very well. The fact that the mission has been regularly welcomed back by all travel professionals show that indeed our work has been carried in a complete objective, professional and rigorous way (never to betray quality standards nor the truth about destinations).

Thanks to Baltic Ambassador, travel professionals have managed to map out the region better and get a second opinion before making important decisions following the recommendation of their incoming partners.

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The Best of Baltic Award

Every year, the most successful of those destinations among travel professionals compete for the "Best of Baltic" Award. The award is given by the 100+ travel professionals of the Baltic Ambassador network that each vote to recognize those tourism destinations that set a example of excellence, client dedication and innovation in the tourism industry of the Baltic Sea region.