Certified "Peace of Mind" travel during COVID

You can access the www.cleanncare.org website by clicking on the picture above or here

  • The Accor Group, Hyatt, Airbnb,... Everybody is doing now their own "home certification" to make sure that clients are coming back... But how valid is a certification designed by the same people that wants you to stay at their place? Even Portugal has now invested a large amount to certify ALL of its tourism destinations!
  • There is an indisputable need today for an independent certification system in order to re-establish trust in travel and self-certifying will not help
  • Those were the conclusions of the experts attending the April 15-16 online Seminars Coping with the COVID crisis: Guidelines to the travel and accommodation industry for the post-COVID period and who produced the entire protocol behind the Clean&Care Audit (and continue to improve it)
  • Horizon Development is proud to have been at the very origin of this superb initiative to re-establsih trust in travel until a permanent vaccine solution is found for COVID-19

What is the Clean&Care Audit and Certification about?

    1. The Clean&Care Certification is an independent post-COVID online and onsite audit to check if your destination is prepared to welcome visitors and ensure their safety related to risk of COVID and certification program for the travel, hospitality and tourism industry
    2. It tells travelers how much the destination management cares about COVID-related risks and how well the national health board’s recommendations have been implemented specifically to that destination
    3. Based on the safety standard protocols developed specifically for the travel & hospitality industry by medical research, health care, safety, emergency response, ventilation engineering and travel experts during Horizon Development’s April 15-16 Seminars Coping with the COVID crisis: Guidelines to the travel and accommodation industry for the post-COVID period
    4. Important marketing tool to re-establish customers’ trust in traveling after lockdowns have been lifted
    5. Accessible, affordable, adaptable and straightforward online international certification process followed by random onsite inspections

More information: www.cleanncare.org

Application and Fees:

Get your application directly from the Clean&Care Certification Board: application@cleanncare.org

Fee: Table:

    • 30% discount on all orders during the month of June 2020 (discount paid by the Henry Feldmann Foundation)
    • Free application fee if application is rejected
    • 50% of audit fee refunded if certification is declined after the audit
    • All prices not including VAT (20%)
    • EU destinations with a valid VAT number are VAT exempted

What's included in the price?

  • Tailored questionnaire preparation (to match the destination and the national health board recommendations)
  • Questionnaire
  • Questionnaire analysis
  • Board's peer-review and conclusions
  • Feedback & recommendations for improvement (if it was not decided to certify you right away)
  • Verification of implementation (within 2 weeks after recommendations are sent)
  • Certification
  • Possible post-certification random onsite inspection
  • Posting of the certified destination on both the reference Clean&Care site and the Clean&Care 2020 catalog
  • Presentation of the newly certified destination on social media, groups, etc. (total audience of 30,000 +)
  • Occasional articles with the travel specialized press on specific destinations
  • Right of the destination for an unlimited use of the certification and its graphic logos on its marketing material during the year of certification
  • 4 stickers + 2 stand alone logos for the reception desk (the destination can order more at an extra cost)

What's NOT included in the price?

  • Order of additional stickers or physical logo displays


About Horizon Development and Clean&Care:

    • Horizon Development is proud to be a partner in the Clean&Care Certification initiative, to bring o the Board its experience in destination management & marketing, notably following its leadership position with the Alma Adventures (2002-04), Via Hanseatica (2005-08), Sinimaed Museum & Memorial Park (2007-10), and the Baltic Ambassador Programme (2006-2013).
    • Horizon Development was key to bring together back in April 2020 the multidisciplinary team that makes today the Clean&Care Certification Board and developed its testing protocols.
    • Horizon Development is a permanent member of the Clean&Care Certification Board and its temporary administrator. It is also the recipient of a grant from the American Henry Feldmann Foundation, an organization committed to support learning and tolerance through travel. The Foundation will co-finances 30% of the cost of audits for applications registered before June 30th, 2020. We hope that our cooperation with the foundation can be continued in the days after June 30th, but without much certainty.

To contact Horizon Development regarding the Clean&Care Certification Board or the Feldmann Grant: cleanncare[at]horizondev.net

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