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Milestone World Travel Market London recognition for Horizon Development’s Clean&Care Certification Board — Oct 12, 2020 6:22:14 PM

The Clean&Care certification reaches the 100 milestones of hospitality & travel destinations certified "covid-safer" — Aug 3, 2020 3:37:17 PM

Now the travel & hospitality industry has its "Michelin Guide" in Covid Safety! — Jun 1, 2020 7:49:02 PM

Horizon Development's COVID's Fight contribution February-May 2020 — May 28, 2020 4:01:17 PM

Last night was history in Estonia! — Jan 23, 2020 2:01:47 PM

Flying Whales: Reaching new heights in heavy logistic transport — Oct 29, 2019 12:54:16 PM

30 top retail locations where you can now buy the Natufia Kitchen Garden to grow to 100s — Apr 11, 2019 10:04:25 AM

The new Natufia Kitchen Garden successfully passes its first showcase test in Paris — Nov 30, 2018 5:09:28 PM

Pierre Blime is appointed as VP Engineering with a mission to give birth to a new Natufia — Dec 28, 2017 09:42:11 PM

Horizon ensures top chefs endorse the Natufia Kitchen Garden — Feb 16, 2017 11:26:02 AM

Estonian hot startup Natufia Labs hires Horizon's expertise — Apr 24, 2016 8:45:07 AM

Leading French horse race publisher gets a foot in the Scandinavian horse racing market thanks to Market Sniper — May 14, 2015 10:12:17 AM

Horizon Development Invest to contribute to upgrade the business plan of leading French industrial venture Flying Whales with an objective to raise EUR 10 million in investments — March 20, 2015 6:44:42 AM

Horizon Development Markets to assist new airspace consortium and leading French industrial venture Flying Whales to get its first customers outside France — Jan 12, 2015 8:44:16 AM

Horizon Development Markets unveils its new market intelligence tool for the travel, tourism and hospitality industry — Jul 26, 2012 5:40:51 PM

Horizon Development at the "14 Juillet" at the French Embassy in Tallinn — Jul 13, 2012 5:47:46 PM

Baltic Ambassador's "Best of Baltic 2012" Award ceremony (Pictures) — Sept 18, 2012 3:42:04 PM

News: Horizon Development Markets wins new contract for market research in Estonia — Apr 24, 2012 8:45:07 AM

In the wake of the Baltic States switch to the Euro, Horizon Development Invest unveils its Nordbridge investment network and travels to promote the network — Feb 10, 2011 7:35:27 PM

Horizon Development Invest to assess impact of Euro on Estonian economy — Oct 17, 2010 9:19:31 AM

Nordic Break to start sales with Sokos Group and Stockmann in Helsinki thanks to Market Sniper— Sept 10, 2010 11:27:07 AM

Tallink Group chooses the Baltic Ambassador missions as a way to effectively stimulate interest from foreign tour operators — Aug 10, 2009 10:25:27 AM

Successful Baltic Ambassador mission at ITB 2009 on the behalf of a number of Baltic travel destinations — March 12, 2009 7:09:36 AM

Contract signed between Horizon Development Markets and Estonian startup Nordic Break for project management and customer intelligence — Sept 08, 2009, 08:06:04 AM

Baltic Ambassador mission get German, Swedish, Italian and Norwegian tour operators much enthusiast about new hospitality& travel opportunities in the Baltic States — March 12, 2009 7:09:36 AM

Swedair signs a contract with Horizon Development Markets for new routes profitability investigations — Oct 09, 2008 5:51:07 PM

Vihula Manor in Estonia gets its first groups thanks to the Baltic Ambassador mission — Sept 10, 2008 2:08:08 PM

Horizon Development Baltics and the Narva Municipality present propositions for the Narva River Banks renovation at the Center for Strategic Research in St Petersburg — Jul 21, 2008 9:06:24 AM

Horizon Development Baltics at the inauguration of the Sinimäe-Vaivaira WWII Heritage Park museum — Jul 30, 2008 6:08:42 PM

Via Hanseatica Phase II (2005-08) Project completed. Horizon Development Baltics marketing & brand proposition accepted and disseminated throughout the 3 Baltic States — June 4, 2008, 3:32:09 PM

Horizon Development Markets open the French market for an Estonian pre-fabricated house manufacturer — Apr 11, 2007 4:12:07 PM

Horizon Development Investments to present opportunities for FDIs in Estonia at major FT / Estonian Business School conference — Dec 4, 2006 00:04:08 AM

Horizon Development Markets coordinated the Jelgava (Latvia) workshops and made clear propositions to market Via Hanseatica to locals and foreign tour operators — Nov 12, 2006 4:22:06 PM

Estonian Management Consulting firm PWP signs a partnership agreement with Horizon Development Markets — Oct 06, 2006 2:32:44 PM

Pierre Blime presented its vision for heritage conservation potential and options at the WWII Sinimäe battlefield heritage commission drawing from its experience with other WWII sites across Europe — May 28, 2006 8:08:24 AM

Joint presentation Horizon Development- Consumetrics of the finding of the 4 month long feasibility study for the pan-Baltic logistics, tourism and local economic development Via Hanseatica programme in Siaulai (LT) — Oct 2, 2005 10:12:04 AM