Post date: Apr 11, 2019 10:04:25 AM

30 top retail locations where you can now buy the Natufia Kitchen Garden to grow to 100s

Tallinn, Estonia, April 2018. Natufia Labs is the Estonian manufacturer of the Natufia Kitchen Garden, a smart luxury kitchen appliance device that allows anyone to harvest their own herbs & vegetables right in their kitchen, any time of the year and without any pesticides or GMOs. It's the ultimate organic machine that everyone dreams to have in their kitchen.

After the technical problems of the first model and the 8 months re-engineering under the managerial supervision of Horizon Development's Managing Director Pierre Blime, acting then as a VP Engineering for Natufia Labs, the new model finally emerged in September 2018 at the prestigious BHV Marais department store in Paris. Pierre then quickly switched from his engineering project management duties back to sales.

He managed to give a new launch start to the Natufia Kitchen Garden to the point that Natufia is today made available at 30 prestigious Retail operators around the world with partners such as Bulthaup (France, UK, Italy, Sweden), SieMatic (France, Italy), SCIC and Fendi (Italy) and Vospers (Germany).

Pierre along with Natufia's CEO Lu was presenting the Natufia Kitchen recently at the Köln Messe and is preparing a 2 weeks display show at SCIC Italia- Fendi Kitchen showroom, probably the most beautiful kitchen showroom in Milan, also located on the heart of the Milanese kitchen design pool on Via Durini, the during the Milan Design Week and the Salone in just a few weeks from now.

Despite still some technical issues that need to be solved and with this very encouraging breakthrough and an increasing number of users who really enjoy the Natufia Kitchen Garden, Pierre is planning to reach the 100 retail spots by 2020 and to see sales significantly picking up already by the year's end.