Post date: Jun 1, 2020 7:49:02 PM

Now the travel & hospitality industry has its "Michelin Guide" in Covid Safety!

Clean&Care 2020 Audits & Certifications for the hospitality, travel and tourism industry are available as of June 1st.

The Clean&Care Certification Board is auditing and certifying hotels, restaurants, museums, guided tours, safaris, excursions and campgrounds and rate them for their COVID safety. The objectives of the initiative can be summarized in the following 3 points:

    1. Help to regain trust in travel and mitigate the crisis for the travel & hospitality industry globally
    2. Direct and advise travelers and tour operators about where it's "safer" to travel to
    3. Recognize, reward and bring forward those destinations that really care for their guest and workers and have made the necessary efforts to ensure safety at their premises.

Horizon Development is a sales and administration partner in this beautiful initiative that has regrouped 16 leading tourism, safety and medical research experts in 4 continents.

The scientific board is made of 6 scientific experts also members of the following organizations: Harvard Medical School / John Hopkins University (2 members) / Estonian Health Board / Harvard T-H. Chan School of Public Health / Danish Health Board. # of our Board members are also senior advisors on COVID with the World Health Organization.