Post date: Oct 29, 2019 12:54:16 PM

Flying Whales LCA60T to be manufactured in 2021

Flying Whales:

Reaching new heights in heavy logistic transport

Transporting a 60 tons load (3 x the maximum airlifted load today) across large distances at more than 1/20th its cost in fuel and for the environment and dropping it anywhere with the precision of a dart champion: That was the challenge already won by Flying Whales, a client of Horizon Development Markets and Market Sniper.

Flying Whales is the French-Canadian-Chinese manufacturer of the LCA60T, the next big player in heavy load logistic transportation allowing transportation of large and heavy loads of up to 60 tons in areas with no or poor road infrastructure and with applications in the energy, forestry, humanitarian aid, military, civil engineering and construction industries. Prior to the Flying Whales LCA60T, only the Russian MI-26 helicopter was capable to lift 22 tons at a fuel and environmental cost about 20 times the cost of lifting 60 tons with the LCA60T.

Flying Whales’ airship concept is 150 meters long and has a load capacity of 60 tons. Like the zeppelins of the past, it has a rigid inner frame. Lift is generated using helium. Helium is a safe gas that, unlike the hydrogen of the infamous Hindenburg, does not pose an explosion hazard.

With speeds of up to 100 km/h, much lower energy requirements, and 1/20th of the operating costs of comparable cargo helicopters, the French airship is a genuine alternative. The graphene-based ultracapacitors (electrochemical energy storage) can be charged and discharged faster than normal batteries.

This is a clear revolution in (1) being able to reach difficult geographical areas with heavy loads, (2) giving airships a rebirth after the 1932 Hindenburg accident, (3) the positive environmental impact on the ground of not having to build expensive and challenging roads networks to access some areas (2) the positive environmental impact in the air of limiting the pollution generated by either a land or a heavy load helicopter transportation.

What has been Horizon Development's contribution to the project?

Horizon Development has provided key strategic support to Flying Whales since its project ignition in 2014.

Horizon's expertise provided support to draft the business plan and the go-to-market strategy that enabled the company to successfully conduct its initial investment round (Eur 10 million). HD has since been acting as an advisor on various issues linked to early customer acquisition and the securing of investments.

Some press coverage about Flying Whales LCA60T. More has been provided on Horizon's social media pages.