Post date: Dec 28, 2017 09:42:11 PM

Tallinn, December 2017: Pierre Blime is appointed as VP Engineering with a mission to give birth to a new Natufia

Tallinn, Estonia December 28, 2017. Natufia Labs is the Estonian manufacturer of the Natufia Kitchen Garden, a smart luxury kitchen appliance device that allows anyone to harvest their own herbs & vegetables right in their kitchen, any time of the year and without any pesticides or GMOs. It's the ultimate organic machine that everyone dreams to have in their kitchen. After years of engineering and one year of sales and marketing preparation, the Natufia Kitchen Garden as ready to be launch with a priority deployment to some of the best chefs in the world that had already signaled their sheer interest at last year's Bocuse d'Or Competition. Mais voila.. has it's often the case in pioneering engineering, the Natufia Kitchen Garden is not yet ready for launch and needs to be reconsidered from top to bottom. The engineering challenge with the Natufia is to pack in a limited dimension that can fit in most kitchens (dimensions of a large fridge) a space for the plants, a sophisticated computer, pumping and watering system while making sure everything stay clean and easy to maintain. Well, the last part was not satisfactory from the first tests conducted with chefs. Natufia's CEO therefore decided to ask Pierre Blime of Horizon Development to leave aside his Sales & Marketing task and to look into getting a new team, a new machine design, a new botanic process, a new pumping system and a new software system to lead to a new functioning machines ready to launch within 8 months and that would fit into the exclusive clients' expectations in trems of organic growth and maintenance routines. Pierre has had successful previous experience in managing engineering and scientific teams and is looking forward to the challenge.