Post date: May 28, 2020 4:01:17 PM

Horizon Development's COVID's Fight contribution February-May 2020

Tallinn, May 28, 2020

Now that the COVID lockdowm measures are easying down 🌞 it s a good time to report on Horizon's very busy months activities during the lockdown.

This was an interesting time for everyone.

This was the opportunity for Horizon to get back to its late 1990s and early 2000s roots, when the Managing Partner of Horizon was back then the founder and Director of the MassDefense Institute, a Cambridge based emergency preparedness training organization. The MassDefense Institute notably played an important role in training organizations on protective measures response during the anthrax crisis of 2001-2002 in the Metropolitan Boston Area.

Horizon Development's activity report February-May 2020:

Trained in COVID response, emergency preparedness, confinement procedures, and decontamination procedures of:

    • 3 emergency and medical response organizations
    • 8 private companies (engineering, manufacturing, airspace)
    • 1 farm
    • 2 private clinics
    • 22 families

This has been conducted via video conferencing sessions that focused on updated COVID medical research data and on emergency preparedness drills.

In addition:

    • Participated to the training guideline materials of 2 emergency responders and one hotel chain
    • Organized and coordinated two expert panel seminars on the tourism sector response to the COVID epidemic
    • Organized and coordinated one expert panel seminar on the impact of COVID on the aviation and airspace industries.
    • Organized and coordinated one expert panel seminar on the "herd immunity" argument and the responses of Sweden, Brazil and Belarus vs the lockdown countries

So we ve been busy...😷

Hope everyone stayed save during this strange period. Please, enjoy life as much as possible, but remain responsibly alert & safe!