Milestone World Travel Market London recognition for Horizon Development’s Clean&Care Certification Board

London, Oct 12 2020 - Horizon Development's affiliated The Clean&Care Certification Board and World Travel & Tourism Council Safe Travels Stamp are recognized by the World Travel Market Portfolio London as an essential tool combination for the travel & hospitality industry to thrive out of the pandemic today and in the future.

The WTTC is the absolute global authority in the travel industry. The Clean&Care Certification Board is a scientific organization associating Horizon Development as an administrative, sales and market strategy partner. The World Travel Market London is the largest travel trade event after ITB Berlin. WTM is traditionally held in London and also has major fairs in Dubai, Sao Paulo and Cape Town. WTM London is traditionally held in early November every year. This year, like ITB, it is moved online.

Jean Carmela Lim is a travel expert and blogger who has specialized on the impact of COVID on the travel & hospitality industry for the WTMHub, the official blog of the WTM. She writes that today the most powerful combination for a travel destination to thrive out of the pandemic and be ready for when things reopen is to get a combination of a Clean&Care Certification and a WTTC Safe Travels stamp. The WTTC stamp - not being a certification in itself - does attract the attention because of the important recognition of the WTTC by all involved in the travel and tourism business. But it is the audit and certification system proposed by Clean&Care that really does the scientific and technical job.

The Clean&Care is organized around a Scientific Board of 6 prominent covid specialists, 3 of whom are direct COVID advisors to the WHO, and Pierre Blime who is the only non-scientist sitting on the Board and who brings Horizon’s market research, project management and business development expertise to the CCC Board. The main basic protocol used by the CCC Board scientists, but that needs to be adapted “to the very specific settings, functionalities and people’s flow management” to every single destination audited. In addition to its capability to deliver thorough audits and diagnostics online and in an affordable way to destinations that often have not made much money recently (“We just don’t hammer them!”

The article includes a detailed interview of Pierre Blime, Member of the Board at The Clean&Care Certification Board and founder of Horizon Development, who explains how the Clean&Care certification works and how its success is driven by some essential differences with other types of certifications and protocols available today to travel brands.

Jean Carmela’s WTMHub article and video interview can be accessed here.