Specialization and Growth

Since 2005, Horizon Development has grown to become not only a larger organization, but mostly one that plays an increasing role of importance in the economic development of the Nordic and Baltic regions. We hope that it will successfully continue to do so.

Horizon Development started as a specialized organization in the field of regional economic development and economic intelligence. It quickly expanded in the fields of tourism investments, tourism marketing, due to my own interest, training and professional background. Later it developed into the fields of energy, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and investments. Energy and CSR are two of the field today witnessing the fastest changes and changes greatly affecting economies and societies alike. It was thus for us a matter of interest for what we do to be capable to harness those fields of expertise the best possible way we could.

The challenge for Horizon Development was to keep providing the same level of excellence it its services and therefore only to expand in fields where it could reach quickly a full expertise. That challenge was met over the years, through extensive training and exposure to technical aspects of our clients' problems and opportunities.

Today, Horizon Development is reorganized in various units of specialization to keep a strong level of expertise in each one of them. Each one of those units is sharing the same quality standard goal of providing our clients with (a) critical intelligence, (b) creative thinking, (c) professional networking and (d) strong development prospects. All units are effectively collaborating in the same energetic environment geared toward the economic development of the region.