Post date: Jan 23, 2020 2:01:47 PM

Last night was history in Estonia!

Fantastic evening at the very first Estonian Startup Award Ceremony with the "creme-de-la-creme" of the Estonian startup mafia. The data is clear: Estonians now master the art of the favorable startup ecosystem: More companies are created. More companies than statistically expected are reaching profitability earlier. But, as Martin Villig and Gerry Kodres put it, next is to see what long-term sustainability is to come and how well can many companies pass the "real" market test. This is perhaps where Horizon Development Market Sniper's proposition to entrepreneurs deserved attention. Horizon Development Market has been bringing its humble contribution to that fantastic ecosystem for over 10 years and will continue to do so: Market Sniper has proven to be a very effective accelerator to early & safe foreign market client acquisition. Market Sniper has been particularly successful for bootstrapped innovative young companies or for big ones that are "shy" to unleash their market potential abroad. It gives bigger companies the opportunity to get started on a market without taking the risk of major investments in time and resource. For young companies, especially the ones seeking financing from the VC ecosystem or from banks, it permits them to enter a market, prove that the product can past the test, while deferring cost into a period of time where the cash flow position of the company is in better condition. Big thumbs up to the Startup Estonia (Maarika Truu) team and to Lift99 (Ragnar Sass) for the initiative, the coordination, the fun hosting and a most memorable evening! Elagu Eesti!! More info here: