Horizon Development Invest

Horizon Development Invest (HDI) is a small investment advisory boutique that has been the referred partner for project valuations, audits, due diligence, business plan writing, company valuations and strategic investment opportunities identification for investors and companies in various sectors of the economy.

Our network of legal experts, angels and VCs is worldwide but is focusing essentially on highly innovative companies in fields such as IT, energy, air & space, transportation, pharma, telecom, etc.

Since 2007, HDI has managed to raise over 16 million euros on the behalf of its clients, either directly, or indiractly by providing critical information, supporting documents, network connections or guidance to entrepreneurs at their early stage of seed financing.

About Estonia and investment:

With a 0% corporate income tax and a membership in both the EU and NATO, Estonia has been, since 2004, an attractive country not only for investors from neighboring Nordic and EU countries, but for investors from all over the world. Horizon Development Invest (HDI) is the corporate finance division of Horizon Development Ltd and its oldest division. Most of HDI's activities are concentrated in mapping, guiding and overlooking foreign companies and foreign individuals into harnessing those advantages to their own benefits and with a minimum negative impact.

In addition to Estonia, and despite a higher personal income tax rate in most Scandinavian countries, the entire Baltic Sea Region offers a number of specific investment opportunities. Horizon Development Invest was initially created in 2002 to precisely guide individuals and companies toward those high returns and low risk investments in the region. HDI has been mostly concentrating its activities in corporate finance, tax advisory, and project valuation & investments. HDI is today serving a larger variety of clients and operates as a coordinator between various organizations in what is becoming a world of more sophisticated investment tools.,

Although Horizon Development is promoting transparency in the business life and with its activities, due to the confidential nature of the investment business, we do not publish any indicative list of past projects, as we do for the other divisions. However, if you would like to know more or to set up an introductory meeting, do not hesitate to contact us at invest[at]horizondev.net