Looking at your markets from a new angle

Some obvious and essential "down to earth" tactical questions about defining your market:

    • What is your product USP in this new market?

    • What is the competition landscape? Why some won and some lost?

    • Is the market for your product really the one you think? How the specific configuration of this new market can possibly even change your global sales approach?

    • Have you reached your MVP? Does that MVP apply to the new market?

    • What are the essential target nodes for your product launch and what is your plan to secure them?

    • Who are those people, companies that will be your best "carriers" in that market? What's in it for them?

    • Is your marketing department ready for the challenge?

    • You will get in: Great! But will you stay and grow?

    • What is it that you did not see yet and that can make the difference between success and failure?

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About Horizon Development Markets

Unlike most advisory firms, Horizon Development Markets offers its clients a very pragmatic no BS "hands-on" approach to research markets, prepare product launch and initiate sales with speedy tactical early strategic customer acquisition. All products and markets are different and require specific customized approach, but our decades of experience launching products to various markets in various industries can be highly valuable in quickly identifying the cost-effective and sustainable way to reach your sales objectives.

Horizon Development Markets is also well-known for offering innovation-centric entrepreneurs the chance to start their sales operations before having enough resource to have a sales force on their own

For example an innovative young company that needs to prove an early success on the market to unlock some important seed funding. That's the main idea behind the Market Sniper program.

Quantitative tools

Horizon Development Markets is using various quantitative and qualitative market investigation and decision-making tools, some commonly used in market investigation professionals and academics, some others more specifically coming from fields such as corporate finance, mathematical modeling and military tactical intelligence.

Less traditional but effective market intelligence tools

The objective of to get the critical market info for our clients and all legal and fair means are open to be included in the tools we are using to this effect.

Past Horizon Development Markets projects

We are transparent and have (almost) nothing to hide! You can check here what's our track record, who did we work with, when and what happened. This list includes the majority of clients but not the entire client list, as we are respecting the wish of some of our good clients to keep our work for them confidential.

Horizon Development Market Off-the-shelves market solutions

Award-winning accelerated targeted early customer acquisition program

Market Sniper is an award-winning "hands-on" accelerated customer acquisition program that has been making a name for itself in making a difference for both young bootstrapped startup and Fortune 500 companies in efficiently acquiring their first and most strategic customers.

You are thinking of hiring a sales team before you launch your product? Well, maybe there is something better to do... Such as saving time, risk and money...

Hire a professional market sniper that will not only get you started but whose experience will allow you to perhaps correct a few things on the way to market. Only then, once you have your first strategic customers in hand and a clear development strategy, that you can start to hire your sales team at a much lower cost and risk than you initially thought.

  • It is NOT an accelerator program: We will NOT make access to your equity a condition to access our program. It's all up to you.

  • It allows your company to get access to some of the most experienced "snipers" in various industries and countries.

  • But it's not just limited to startups: It allows bigger and more experienced companies to also reduce risks in their new markets acquisition, especially foreign ones where they perceived the risk level as being much higher.

  • It may looks like, but it's not a free program.

  • It's just that Market Sniper's financial cost is tied to its client's success on those new markets. The cost is also mostly differed to later terms, once revenues are generated.

  • It's yet the program on the market that allows for the lowest possible financial risk (maybe that explains its popularity... :-) but that yet truly delivers

  • Horizon Development is thus here taking the same risks as an angel investor and therefore requires some of the same due diligence during the application process.

More information here or at www.marketsniper.eu

Get started, send your questions, order your free trial: marketsniper@horizondev.net

You have a product launch coming ahead: You cannot allow any mistakes.

Why not testing with us first?

Market Reach is a market capture prioritization tool for the preparatory and the operational phases of a product launch in either a B2B or a B2C environment.

It allows your sales and marketing team to get a 360 view of the market potential, identify specific niches and put a launch plan in battle order. It specifically uses algorithmic prioritization technologies and the product launch experience of Horizon Development Markets staff.

Market Reach Key characteristics

  • All industries / B2B / B2C

  • Intensive 30-60 days program

  • Investigate thoroughly the market, its various opportunity, its niches, growth potential and its potential pitfalls

  • Target go-to-market actions prioritization via algorithms

  • Test selected sample markets using appropriate methods (open vs. stealth)

  • Prepare, activate and monitor the full market launch

  • Train & coach Sales & Marketing teams

More info here

Are your ambitions just a dream or has your product the sufficient MVP to make it?

MVP is not hype, it's a serious barometer that anyone thinking about a product's chances of success on the market should look into very carefully before they commit resources to a product launch. Whenever combined with the USP, the optimal adjustment of the MVP can be a really powerful tool.

Many companies - many startup companies in particular - tend to be too isolated from market realities and too infatuated with their innovative product. Overconfident, not checking the reality of their position regarding their MVP, they often get a cold shower after having invested their essential resources in product launch and sales (one of the main reason behind startup companies' failures). The main reason? They never took the time to check on their MVP... Yes, it sounds stupid but it's reality. Just that MVP estimate is not something clearly accessible to anyone. MVP is only valid if there is a match with the target markets. That's where Horizon Development Markets and the MVP Test comes in.

  • All industries

  • B2B / B2C

  • Non-intensive 30 day program

  • At the product development stage

  • Thorough market investigation / consultation with the product development team

  • Target prioritization via algorithms ("what ifs" approach)

  • Identify added efficiency

  • Next steps roadmap for improving the not only viability, but market performance

More information here

Request for a free consultation: markets [at] horizondev.net

Unlocking your export potential out of your comfort zone

ExportPass is a favorite of small and medium-sized companies that have a solid base in their home markets or in nearby markets and that would like to explore opportunities to start to sale in other countries without having to commit to hire and train new resources in-house.

Because adjustments after the wrong IT deployment are simply very expensive, both in money and in reputation

TechPass is a program specifically designed for the IT industry. It provides sample user market test of newly developed technologies that need a go-ahead before they leave the prototyping mode. The objective with TechPass is to bridge product development with market realities before product launch; allowing for cost-saving measures, product modifications and sales channels adjustments before the company commits with full sales and marketing resources. This step is often seen very favorably for tech companies seeking initial investments as a safeguard for initial investors: Getting first sales, first implementations and happy customer references for further business development and further financing.

    • For IT, software and innovation-intensive companies

    • Sample user market test of newly developed technologies

    • Bridging product development with market realities before product launch, allowing for cost-saving measures, product modifications and sales channels adjustments. This step is often seen very favorably for tech companies seeking initial investments as a safeguard for initial investors

    • Getting first sales, first implementations and happy customer references for further business development operations (Optional)

    • More info here

    • To receive the Tech Pass descriptive brochure and request a free consultation: techpass[at]horizondev.net

MarketTour™ is the travel and hospitality industry a 360° angle view on their post-disruption markets

At a time of great disruptions in the travel & hospitality market, Horizon Development Markets has developed a range of very rigorous products that were designed specifically to assist decision-making in the travel and hospitality industry, with a strong experience and focus on Nordic countries. MarketTour™ is the cumulating result of the combination of expertise between Horizon Development's Baltic Ambassador programme and Horizon Development Markets, with a focus on dynamic market research and the most recent communication and social media tools.

    • More info here

    • To order a Market Tour free consultation: markets[at]horizondev.net

List of Horizon Development Markets' craftsmanship

  • Market intelligence & research

  • Competitive analysis

  • Saas market assessments

  • Technology competitiveness review

  • MVP matching due diligence

  • USP coaching seminars

  • Special investigations (markets, investments, management)

  • Business intelligence

  • New market search & identifications

  • New markets strategic nodes identification

  • MVP-Market match

  • Product launch management

  • Go-to-market strategy

  • Go-to-market tactical roadmaps

  • Cost-effective marketing setup for young innovative companies

  • Customer profiling

  • Pricing algorithms

  • Due diligence (markets)

  • Due diligence (investors)

  • Cost-benefit analysis

  • Large surveys conduct and analysis

  • Mystery shoppers

  • Thought leaders mobilization

  • CRM efficiency evaluations

  • Social media tools development and targeting

  • Market leadership & market leadership sustainability development