Horizon Development Markets’ ExportPass is a favorite of small and medium-sized companies that have a solid base in their home markets or in nearby markets and that would like to explore opportunities to start to sale in other countries without having to commit to hire and train new resources in-house.

You will benefit from Horizon Development Markets’ wide business network, 15+ years of experience in researching markets, acquiring early customers on new markets, managing go-to-market strategies and launching products and services on new markets in the EU and beyond.


  • Your products are successful on your local markets
  • You would like to expand further to new markets
  • You have limited resources in-house to start an export operation
  • You have already an idea, but you would like to be sure which markets are most suitable

Your next export markets and us

  • We can do a quick market research to identify your most suitable first export markets
  • We can test your products with local buyers and resellers on several markets
  • We can help to select your next resellers or distributors on your next markets
  • We can negotiate your distributorship and export agreements with candidate companies
  • We can prepare and monitor the launch of your products on your new markets

How to get started?

  1. Send us and email or a message via our social media markets[at]horizondev.net
  2. Let's schedule a phone / Zoom discussion
  3. Preliminary sharing of non-confidential product and sales history information (we are also ok to sign a confidentiality agreement t protect you from the very beginning)
  4. You will receive a preliminary evaluation based on your expectations (free of charge)
  5. You will receive our export plan proposal summary (free of charge)

Rules of Engagement

  • ExportPass’ cost is tailored to the plan, the client’s resources, the capacity for future revenues and the time accounted for it.
  • We ask for a small retainer's fee, just to make sure our clients are as committed as we are
  • Then your way is our way, as long as it's fair (monthly fee / global fee / success fee / % sales)