You have a product launch coming ahead...and you can't allow any mistakes!

Market Reach is a market capture prioritization tool for the preparatory and the operational phases of a product launch in either a B2B or a B2C environment. It allows your sales and marketing team to get a 360 view of the market potential, identify specific niches and put a launch plan in battle order. It specifically uses algorithmic prioritization technologies and the product launch experience of Horizon Development Markets staff.

Market Reach Key characteristics

  • All industries / B2B / B2C
  • Intensive 30-60 days program
  • Investigate thoroughly the market, its various opportunity, its niches, growth potential and its potential pitfalls
  • Target go-to-market actions prioritization via algorithms
  • Test selected sample markets using appropriate methods (open vs. stealth)
  • Prepare, activate and monitor the full market launch
  • Train & coach Sales & Marketing teams

Market Reach Key Benefits

  • Expert third-party evaluation about market expectations and go-to-market plan
  • Allows a thorough prioritization of tasks (via algorithmic selection) during market launch and market expansion
  • Identify added efficiency and cost-saving measures
  • Learning from the market tests: Go-to-market strategy and sales tactics adjustments before launch
  • Synchronize market specific expectations with marketing campaigns
  • Finalization of the go-to-market roadmap
  • Long-term market growth perspective review
  • Reduce risk level when getting a new sales force started on a important project

Rules of Engagement

  • Market sniper’s cost is tailored to the plan, the client’s resources, the capacity for future revenues and the time accounted for it.
  • We ask for a small retainer's fee, just to make sure our clients are as committed as we are
  • Then your way is our way, as long as it's fair (monthly fee / global fee / success fee / % sales)

How to get started?

More info & request for a free consultation: marketreach [at]