MVP Test

Are your ambitions just a dream or has your product the sufficient MVP to make it?

MVP is not hype, it's a serious barometer that anyone thinking about a product's chances of success on the market should look into very carefully before they commit resources to a product launch. Whenever combined with the USP, the optimal adjustment of the MVP can be a really powerful tool.

Many companies - many startup companies in particular - tend to be too isolated from market realities and too infatuated with their innovative product. Overconfident, not checking the reality of their position regarding their MVP, they often get a cold shower after having invested their essential resources in product launch and sales (one of the main reason behind startup companies' failures). The main reason? They never took the time to check on their MVP... Yes, it sounds stupid but it's reality. Just that MVP estimate is not something clearly accessible to anyone. MVP is only valid if there is a match with the target markets. That's where Horizon Development Markets and the MVP Test comes in.

Key characteristics

  • All industries
  • B2B / B2C
  • Non-intensive 30 day program
  • At the product development stage
  • Thorough market investigation / consultation with the product development team
  • Target prioritization via algorithms
  • Identify added efficiency
  • Next steps roadmap for improving the not only viability, but market performance

Key benefits

  • Validation if a product is ready to be put on the market or not
  • Learn product/market gaps for R&D adjustments early on
  • Prioritize R&D efforts and keep focusing on market opportunities along the R&D process
  • Clear roadmap documentation for any early investors due diligence effort
  • Good validation tool for seed investment valuation

Rules of Engagement

  • The cost of MVP Test is tailored to the plan and the client’s resources, the capacity for future revenues and the time accounted for it.
  • We ask for a small retainer's fee, just to make sure our clients are as committed as we are

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