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Managing Partner

Managing Partner since 2005


Fields of expertise:

Market modeling, economic & market intelligence, go-to-market strategy for innovation intensive products, early stage investments, executive & sales coaching & education, regional economic development, CSR, EdTech, Saas, enterprise reporting software, greentech, energy, airspace technology, tourism, heritage preservation, environmental management & economics.

Working Languages:
  • English
  • French
  • Swedish
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Previous positions:
  • UNDP/UNEP Senior Officer (Swe, Cuba)
  • PWP Partners (Estonia)
  • Braun Consulting (USA)
  • Cambridge Information Systems (USA)
  • Ariad Nordic AB (Sweden)
  • Groupe Patric Ales (France)
  • INSEAD Dept of Economics (France)
  • French Army officer (France + overseas)
  • Harvard University Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs (USA)

  • MBA, Olin Graduate School of Management at Babson College
  • Mathematical models & statistics, Royal Institute of Technology
  • MA Economics, BA Economics & Mathematics, Boston University
  • BA Geography, Sorbonne Paris IV
  • Army Officer, Ecoles Militaires Speciales de St Cyr

Favorite quotes: 
  • "The sum of energy differentials is equal to zero" (universal law of physics)
  • "L'audace...toujours l'audace" (Frederik II re-quoted by Gal Patton)

The day Estonia turned 100 years old, Pierre sent out congratulating messages to his closest Estonian friends. One friend (and a quite prominent Estonian personality) replied to him in those terms: “Thank you Pierre. But congratulations to you too: You have relentlessly contributed during the past 10 years and through your hard work and dedication to make this small nation into the great thing it has become today.”


As Managing Partner of Horizon Development, Pierre has dedicated himself to excellence in supporting small and larger private and public organizations to assess their combat readiness, review their tactical objectives and implement their go-to-market strategy.  With and strong background in economics, consulting, sales and market simulations with leading academic institutions, leading consulting organizations and Fortune 100 companies, Pierre has been able to provide the Horizon Development team with the guidance for its core offering to its clients: Market research, market intelligence & tactics, go-to-market strategy, opening of international markets, executive coaching and identification of early stage investment support.


Under Pierre’s guidance and resulting from both his previous experiences and his extensive business network connections, Horizon Development has been able to specializes mostly on innovation intensive clients – those clients for which the financing of their R&D with early stage investments is crucial and their capacity to transform technology into a valuable commercial proposition is even more crucial.


What Pierre has been successfully proposing to Horizon Development clients for over 15 years is a more hands-on, cost-effective and dedicated approach than any other competing advisory firms could afford to provide: Basically thinking, drafting and implementing the plan to get things done – taking the shortcuts whenever possible – making sure the necessary tactical preparations are well completed whenever critical.


In addition to consulting with private companies, Pierre has been directing many important local or environmental economic development projects in Sweden, France, the US and the Baltic States, thus acquiring a strong knowledge capacity in project funding, planning, implementation and reporting.


Prior to Horizon Development, Pierre was a researcher in environmental economics and policy at Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Kennedy School (1992-93), an MI officer in the French paratroopers in peacekeeping operations in Bosnia (1993-95), a Research Associate at the Department of Economics and Political Science at INSEAD (1995-98) (including at CALT, INSEAD’s pioneering Tech and Education Center) where he perfected his research and analysis skills in macroeconomics, infrastructure development, IT integration and investments. He participated to the publication of various academic papers, case-studies for executive or MBA education programs and books on economic, environmental, trade and industrial policies (including the best seller: Can Industrial Europe be Saved with INSEAD Professor O. Cadot). He then joined various large enterprises and consulting organizations (Groupe Patrick Alès, Boston Braun Consulting, Biogen, Ariad Nordic AB, Cambridge Information Systems) before acting as GIWA’s Senior Economist (grade 3: Senior Officer) with UNEP and UNDP in Sweden and Cuba (2003-2004), the last position he held before Horizon Development.


In addition to manage Horizon Development, Pierre is a board advisor to several companies in Europe, an occasional advisor to the Estonian Development Agency (EAS), the Estonian Chamber of Commerce (KODA), the Swedish Tourism Board and a lecturer at various universities in the Nordic region. Pierre holds an MA in economic development from Boston University, an MBA from Babson College and a MSc in mathematical modeling from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. He is perfectly fluent and works regularly in English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian and Italian. He has some practice in other languages including Estonian and Russian.