Tallinn Nutrition Study EST

Tallinn food poll


Tallinn food survey to better understand the habits of the population in bread and cereals made from fresh products (bread, cakes, pastries, sandwiches, etc.) consumption. The survey consists of two hundred randomly selected person's profile by Horizon Market Development team interviewed directly or through the Internet.


In order to respond to the survey, you must:

Be a resident of the Harju County

Regular bread, baked goods or pastries are consumed

Time allowed:

7 minutes


All the fields are required

Privacy Policy:

Horizon Development ensures that the data published by the participant will remain confidential, being related to food in the survey, and participants from informatisooni not divulged to any other organization outside of food in the context of a rigorous survey research. Participants who wish to be invited to participate in subsequent studies, or wish to be invited to specific food-related events, the opportunity to study the causes of such interest to clarify. Information about other participants of the survey will be destroyed when the trial has ended. All participants are entitled to ask for confirmation of this operation, having a direct connection to Horizon Development Marketing.

Benefits to participants:

Among those participants who have signaled their interest in the study, 20 are selected to correspond exactly to the criteria in a representative population, and they will be a separate connection for a journey towards the Tallinn-Helsinki-Tallinn on Saturday, 19 May 2012th All the participants who have expressed an interest, that they contact him again, hereinafter called the 2012th during the year to take part in various kulinaarüritustest.

Breaking Nordic Helsinki!Nordic Break (Facebook: "Break the Nordic Nordic Experiences"), first, a selection of unique experiences in the Nordic countries, is a partner of Horizon Development to organize the 19th May the Tallinn-Helsinki-Tallinn direction Tallink cruise, sailing on board the convergence groups to discuss the survey results and free to try a variety of French breads, bakery and during our stay in Helsinki. Free package includes round-trip to Helsinki with Tallink board dinner. This trip has been booked to twenty study in a select fire. Enrolled in selected will be contacted by phone or e-mail before 13 May 2012th

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Thank you and we hope to meet with you on board 19 May 2012!