Post date: Apr 24, 2016 8:45:07 AM

Estonian hot startup Natufia Labs hires Horizon's expertise

Tallinn, April 2016.

Pierre Blime and Horizon Development Markets have been retained as Special Advisor by the CEO of Natufia Labs, one of the hotest greentech startups based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Natufia Labs is an innovative Estonian start-up company that was founded in 2014 and since then has been working on developing the first high-profile automated individual hydroponic cabinet. While the market for hydroponic technologies is split in two segments between the individual table-top Click&Grow (another Estonian startup company) and the large underground hydroponic farms that pop-up in every urban corners, there has been a void in between that the Natufia hopes to fill-in. That void is made of a clientele that is perhaps more limited in trems of numbers but that is ready to spend what it takes to reliably secure their renewable home source of fresh pesticide and GMOs free herbs and vegetables. The Natufia is a fully automated cabinet that has a tremendous potential to become a hit in international markets.

Horizon Development Markets will be conducting the necessary market research in order to propose very soon to Natufia Lab's CEO a number of priority cost-effective directions to launch the Natufia on international markets in the most efficient way. As always, Horizon Development Markets will be using traditional market research tools but also special investigations in special niches and will gain rely on its international of business network that also includes some the world top Chefs: Something that can be a serious asset in getting things started for Natufia Labs.